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Custom Cloisonné Ornaments

Our custom ornaments are handmade, 24k gold plated, genuine cloisonné. The custom cloisonné ornaments are designed to fit your specific needs. The process is quick and easy, and the pricing, minimums and quality can’t be beat. There is a wholesale minimum required for wholesale design - please e-mail us for updated pricing/minimums (we cannot do just one custom ornament).

There are no art charges or obligations to buy if we work up a design for your review. There is a 60 pc minimum and a $75 one time setup fee if you do proceed with your order; one fee per custom design (fee will not reapply if design is re-ordered).

The mock-up design will be shown in an artistic rendering on 8 ½ x 11” paper sent via email. The design will be true to size; all black lines, swirls within design will be 24k gold plated on the final product (this detail cannot be shown on the design), OR silver plated (if specific by custom for design).

Step 1: Interested in a design?

Just let us know by sending us design specifications, which can include: pictures, logos, wording, ideas, descriptions, sketches, etc., and what you have in mind for your design(s). We will also change the design until you are 100% satisfied, within reason. Please provide us with ALL of the information we will need to create your design upfront, as this makes for fewer design changes which helps us to keep the design process free of charges (the $75 fee is a SETUP fee when the order is confirmed, NOT an art charge).

Step 2: Do you want to move forward with your design?

Upon approval of the design and confirmation of your order, we will proceed with production. There is a $75 one time setup fee for all NEW custom designs- this is only applicable for designs that have not been ordered previously. You are not obligated until you have confirmed your design/order with us.

Step 3: Handmade Production Process

Each ornament is a work of art and an interpretation of the approved design. It is important to have realistic expectations when working with this ancient, handmade art. There will be acceptable variations in each ornament. Custom ornaments cannot be returned. Ornaments go through a rigorous screening process before shipping to ensure quality.

Something to consider:
The earlier in the year your order is placed, the shorter the turnaround time.

It is NEVER too early to get started on your custom design! There is an approximate 3-4 wk turnaround for the design process and an additional 2-3 month production time frame.

Get started today!

Custom Ornaments are perfect for:

Corporate Gifting ▪ Town/City Keepsakes ▪ Churches ▪ Alumnae Groups ▪ Any type of organization
Business Promotion ▪ Special Events ▪ Chamber of Commerce ▪ Private and Public Schools
Local Gift Shops ▪ Fundraisers Colleges/Universities ▪ Alumnae Groups ▪ Country Club
Nonprofit Organizations ▪ Commemorative Keepsakes

For more information about the history and process of Cloisonné production click here.

All designs are property of Kitty Keller Designs and cannot be redistributed, modified or recreated in any way without expressed written permission from KKD. This pertains to all aspects of any original art, including commissioned custom designs.