Longhorns and Models

My friend, Drew, had a longhorn cow, or shall we say a herd of longhorn cattle. Drew, was also a photographer so we thought, “Let’s just go out and get some shots with her cow and the new T-shirt design, singular. We set up in the field with a longhorn hide, staff, daughters, a friend, […]

Splatter Painting Here I Come

It all started with hand-painted T-shirts. My husband, Bill, told me if I wanted that new house I would have to bring $ 135.00 dollars to the table each month. Let the splatter painting begin! And so it did. Later, as my arm almost fell off, figuratively, of course, I found and left many different […]

Commemorating the Unique Alaskan Landscape

Over the years, our business has taken us all over the world, and we want to share our journey with you, as our customers and friends, to introduce and welcome you into the history of KittyKeller Designs. And what better place to start than at the beginning at A…for Alaska? Still only to be primarily […]

Kitty Keller Designs: A Business is Born

In 1987, I started my little art business in the small loft above our living room. Things weremessy in those days, with paint splattered on the countertops, walls, and carpet, and two youngdaughters at home. My husband Bill has always been my number one cheerleader, supportingme in pursuing my creativity and later creating art for […]